Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Unfoldment unto the Siva-Neri

The stream of thought that flowed through ancient minds,
Continues to flow through my mind presently.
O Ganeśa, O Lord of widsom infinite,
Unto Your feet I offer all that I know and have learned;
No matter how much I resist or repress, my Lord,
The flood gates have opened now - there is no stopping it.
The symphony of creation resonates with His vibration,
That primal spanda, which moves every atom
And quark into and out of existence.
O Lord of consciousness, this journey of intellectual pursuits
Does one no good at all!
Of Brāhmanism, of Śaivism, there is no logical solution
To any of its quandries.
O Śiva, there be no solutions but if You were me
Pursuing myself in endless cycles of births and deaths;
Seemingly suffering, seemingly longing to know myself.
That Linga, that blazing Pillar of Fire burns,
Bright in every eye and vision.
O Sadāśiva, O Lord of Immortality, be gracious;
Be ever so gracious to this creation Thine.
Stuck are we, attempting to know Thee;
Through monism, through dualism,
Through logic and through atomism.
In the infinite space of consciousness Thou residest, Lord mine,
The very space that has given birth to all elements existent.
Of Vedas, of Āgamas, who knows You really,
But the one who experiences Your bliss in the mundaneness,
Of life's intracacies, joys and sorrows.
The Sage is not one, O Sadāśiva, who has worked hard to find You.
The Sage is one to whom Your Arul has reached.

|| Sadāśiv'om ||

© 2007, Agnideva

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