Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shadakshara Stotra

Shadakshara Stotra means the Hymn of the Hexa-Syllabic, and is a magnificent hymn glorifying Shiva through the universal Shaivite six-syllable mantra - Aum Namah Shivaya. In this hymn we find the six syllables of Aum Namah Shivaya taken apart, and individually glorified with the utmost beauty. The Hymn of the Hexa-Syllabic comes to us from the celebrated and volumious text, Rudra-Yamala Tantra. The Rudra-Yamala Tantra is part of the Bhairava Agama canon of Shaivism and also part of the Tantric canon of Shaktism. Therefore, it is a Tantra of great importance both to Shaivites and Shaktas. The Rudra-Yamala Tantra that survives today is thought to be a fragment of the original text, yet it contains hundreds of prayers to Shiva and Shakti, including its own version of Thousand names of Shiva (Shiva Sahasranama) and Thousand Names of Bhavani (Bhavani Sahasranama). Nevertheless, of all the prayers/hymns of the Rudra-Yamala, the below hymn and its first stanza are perhaps the best known.


Hymn of the Hexa-Syllabic

Unto the aum in union with bindu,
Meditated upon daily by great yogis,
Which leads to fulfillment of desires,
And unto liberation, salutations be. ||1||

To the Supreme Lord venerated by the great sages and heavenly maidens,
Hosts of beings, men and Devas, embodied in the syllable na,
Forever be our salutations. ||2||

To the great Effulgent Being, embodied in the syllable ma, that transcendent Self,
To the Absolver of all sins, the Supreme Object of meditation and worship,
Salutations be, again and again. ||3||

To the all-Auspicious, all-powerful Lord of the Universe, embodied in the syllable shi,
The Bestower of peace and prosperity unto the world, to the One, the Eternal,
May our salutations always be. ||4||

He who holds Shakti to His left, whose mount is the Bull (Nandi),
Unto Him garlanded with the serpent Vāsuki, embodied in the syllable va,
Our salutations again and again. ||5||

To the all-pervading Great Lord, embodied in the syllable ya,
To the Guru of all the Devas, to God with and without form,
Wherever may He be; our salutations. ||6||

Whosoever recites this Hymn of the Hexa-syllabic in the presence of God Shiva,
He will certainly attain the Supreme abode of Shiva,
And enjoy everlasting bliss with Him. ||7||

Aum Namah Shivaya.

For printable version click here (with Sanskrit and translation).

Listen to the Shadakshara Stotra!

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Shambhu said...

Aum Namah Shivaya!

Agnideva said...

Aum Namah Shivaya, Shambhu. Please keep visiting, and thanks for your comments. Be well, my friend.

Shambhu said...

You may bank on it!

Anonymous said...

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