Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Srimad Siva-Gita

श्रीमद् शिवगीता

The Śiva-Gītā is a text of Vedantic Śaivism that comes to us from the latter portion (uttara kānda) of the Padma Purāna. In many ways, it is a text not unlike the Bhagavad-Gītā, except the focus is fully on Śiva. In the Śiva-Gītā, the teacher is Lord Śiva and the disciple is Śrī Rāma, and the narrator is the bard Suta.

The Śiva-Gītā begins with episode from the Rāmāyana epic, where Rāma is despondent over the loss of Sītā. At this time, Rāma is visited by Sage Agastya, and the sage prescribes to Rāma that he should observe a special vow called the Pāśupata vrata. By observing this vow Agastya promises that Rama will have a vision of Lord Śiva, and will receive the Pāśupata astra (weapon) without which Rāvana cannot be defeated. Rāma performs the vow and at the end of four months receives a divine vision of Śiva. Śiva presents Rāma with the Pāśupata astra, and Rāma in turn asks Lord Śiva a series of questions. The dialogue between Rāma and Lord Śiva makes up the bulk of the Śiva-Gītā.

|| नमः शिवाय ||

Read the Siva-Gita Chapter VI and Chapter VII.


Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks so much for posting the translation of Siva Gita Chapter 6 adn 7. I was looking for it. Could you please post for all the 16 chapters. I'd love to read it.

Thanks very much.

sri said...

thank u very much for the translations..can you pls post translation of chapter 8&9..
thanking you in advance

Anonymous said...

I have all the chapters if u want I will send you.

Anonymous said...

Can some please email me all the chapters of this in English??

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful work. I request you to post the entire Shiva Gita in a single website or blog. Thanks again

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