Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ocean of Bliss

Is it on top of this universe?
Or on top of the universe yet beyond,
Or in the midst of the expanse beyond and beyond,
Or in the midst of fire,
Or in the worship of image,
That your devotees adore with flowers
And a melting heart?
Or is it in directions cardinal,
Or in the rims of the horizon,
Or in the spaces vast,
Or in the sphere of luminous bindu and nada,
Or in the state of Vedanta-Siddhanta,
Or in the innumerable things seen,
Or in the state invisible of the Void,
Or in the tenses three,
Or in the state of creation,
Or in the devotees who have conquered
The sense potencies and sense organs,
Where art Thou seated?
Will Thou, pray tell
The secret to this slave?
Oh! Thou, the Ocean of Bliss
That is Cosmic Light!
The Pervasive God
That is Attributeless Pure!

~ Tayumanavar
The Hymns of Tayumanavar (9.10)

Aum Namah Shivaya.

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