Sunday, March 1, 2009

In the depths of the deepest

In the depths of the deepest oceans and the height of the highest mountains;
In the darkness of the darkest nights and the brightness of the brightest days;
In the silence of the most silent instants and the chaos of the most chaotic times;
In the blur of the blurriest visions and the clarity of the clearest crystals;
In the green of the greenest forests and the white of the whitest snowfalls;
In the blue of the bluest skies and the fragrance of the most fragrant flowers;
In the capture of the most captivating scenes and the beauty of the most beautiful sights;
In the ferocity of the fiercest winds and the stillness of the stillest waters;
In the distance of the most distant planets and the luster of the most lustrous stars;
In the emptiness of the emptiest spaces and the fullness of the fullest regions;
In the strength of the strongest forces and the weakness of the weakest links;
In the richness of the richest tones and the melody of the most melodious songs;
In the innocence of the most innocent beings and the ruthlessness of the most ruthless creatures;
In the kindness of the kindest strangers and modesty of the most modest guests;
In the majesty of the most majestic kings and the righteousness of the most righteous subjects;
In the care of the more caring mothers and the courage of the most courageous fathers;
In the compassion of the most compassionate Gods and the piety of the most pious devotees;
In the grace of the most graceful masters, and the obedience of the most obedient pupils;
In the grandeur of the grandest temples and the allure of the most alluring icons;
In the esotery of the most esoteric doctrines and the realizations of the most realized sages;
In the greatness of the greatest worlds and the loftiness of the loftiest heavens;
In the heart of all hearts, in the center of all centers, and in the core of all cores,
Is Shiva, the Reality Ultimate, that Divinity most sublime.

Aum Namah Shivaya.

Agnideva © 2009. All rights reserved.

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