Friday, February 13, 2009

'Infertile' woman gives birth after visit to Hindu God Shiva

A woman who thought she had been left infertile by chemotherapy gave birth after visiting a statue of the Hindu God Shiva.

By Matthew Moore
Last Updated: 9:52AM GMT 13 Feb 2009

Doctors told Clare McVerry that she would never get pregnant because the breast cancer drugs she was taking could damage a child in the womb.

Her early-onset arthritis and a car crash she suffered in her 20s that left her with a weak spine should also have left her unable to carry a baby, according to The Sun newspaper.

But after visiting a statue of Shiva [...] while on holiday in India with her partner Tony Clarke, the 41-year-old gave birth to a son Mitchell.

"After I saw Shiva I was filled with a powerful feeling. I bought a model statue for my mantelpiece," she told the newspaper.

"When Mitchell grows up I will tell him how special the statue turned out to be."

Ms McVerry, from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, stopped taking her cancer drug Tamoxifen during pregnancy to give her baby a better chance.

He was born a healthy 7lb 10 oz in December 2007 and is still doing well.

Her consultant Dr Simon Bowman told The Sun: "He really is a miracle baby."

Source: The Telegraph

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