Sunday, February 17, 2008

That is Siva

He who is known implicitly in the mantras of the Vedas,
He who is known explicitly in the sutras of the Āgamas,
He who is extolled in the verses of various holy hymns,
He who is taught in the teachings of the great Masters,
He who is experienced in the experience of His devotees,
He who is mystified in the mysticism of His Saints,
He who is theorized by the philosophies of His philosophers,
He who is felt deeply in the intuitive feelings of His worshipers,
He who is realized in the deep realizations of His Siddhas,
He who is meditated upon in the meditations of His Sages,
He who is the inspiration of the divinely inspired ones,
He who is the very basis of the variegated, multifaceted universe,
He who is the substratum of every shape, of every form,
He who is the Immanent Divine and the Transcendent Reality,
He who is the Auspicious, the Ever Auspicious, the Supremely Auspicious,
That is Śiva, That Reality is Śiva, That Realization is Śiva, That Lord is Śiva,
That Being is Śiva, That State is Śiva, That Truth is Śiva, That Brahman is Śiva.
All is Śiva, All is Śiva.


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