Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Dance of Shiva

Dance, O Shiva, dance that dance of Yours, my Lord!
That hallowed dance called tandava, so dear to us all.
Dance that eternal dance, O Shiva, O Maheshvara!
That dance eternal which transcends eternity itself.
Your dance is but the dance of existence as we know it;
Of beauteous creation, of sustenance and dissolution,
All of this is but Your never-ending dance divine.
With that dance You obscure Your all-pervasiveness,
And with that dance indeed You reveal Your immanence.
Your dance – it inspires, it captures, it blesses and graces,
Your dance truly, O Parameshvara, so wondrous and sublime.
Deep inside the minutest of atoms and fractions of quarks,
Encompassing the grandest of galaxies and endless universes,
You dance Your dance, unabated, forever and ever.
All this that is, whatever there ever was, or yet to be,
Everything, every principle rides on the vibrations of Your dance alone,
Dependent on the expanse of Your very Being, O Shiva.
In the endless Space of Consciousness do You dance,
To manifest Your triad Shaktis of Will, Knowledge and Activity,
To manifest time, space, and all the Pashus who experience limitedness.
And yet again, we are certain, that Your dance will devolve all this
Back into the very fabric of Your divine Being, O Lord.
With every breath may we sing the praises of Your tandava, O Shiva;
With every beat may our hearts experience the vibrations of Your grace.

Aum Namo Natarajaya Shuddha-jnana Svarupine.

Agnideva © 2007. All rights reserved.

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