Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Light in My Eyes

Parvati said: "Your eyes, O Lord, are so beautiful; they are filled with tears of compassion. How could it be that from such eyes flared forth the terrible fire capable of reducing death itself to ashes? Pray answer Me this."

Shiva said: “Be joined in yoga, O Parvati, for only then will You be able to understand how the fire inherent in My eyes is the elixir immortal. The light in My eyes is all-pervading. It faces every direction and it resides in all states - waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. It is the source of life for all living beings. It can be known only through the practice of yoga, and can never be experienced by those who lack self-effort."

"The light in My eyes is the same as one's own radiance. It is self-evident. It is the highest form of inner strength. It is eternal and it is ojas (the radiant energy that infuses matter with life). It is the power of will (Iccha Shakti) - the indomitable will of the soul. In it lies the seed of omniscience, the power to know (Jnana Shakti), and the power to act (Kriya Shakti). It is through this force (Shakti), intrinsic to Me, that I destroy and I create.”

"The whole universe is filled and sustained by this energy (Shakti). In fact, the powers of will (Iccha), knowledge (Jnana), and action (Kriya) together are My eyes three. They are the source of immortality, the ultimate force of healing and nourishment. They are the embodiment of My radiant vitality. The knowers of mantra science call it Mrityunjaya, the conqueror of death. It enables one to attain freedom from all forms of misery, for it is the destroyer of all diseases. Meditation on this brilliant light, manifesting in the form of Mrityunjaya Mantra, cools down the scorching heat of worldly and spiritual poverty. It is pure, peaceful, and unfailing.”

~Sri Netra Tantra I:19-36
[Translated by Pandit Trigunait, with minor changes]


The above excerpt comes to us from the Netra Tantra, an important Agama text within the Bhairava Agama canon of Shaivism. It figures quite prominently into the theological school of Kashmir Shaivism and has been commented upon by Acharya Kshemaraja. The term Netra actually means "eye" and the focus of this ancient scripture is on Shiva as Trayambaka, the Three-Eyed One.

The word Trayambaka itself comes from the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra of the Rigveda Samhita, later repeated in the Yajurveda Samhita. In essence, the Netra Tantra is an elaboration on the meaning and theological interpretation of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra from a Shaivite point of view. As it is focused on the study of the Mrityunjaya Mantra, the Netra Tantra once upon a time also used to go by the name Mrityunjaya Vidya or Mrityunjit Bhattarnaka.

Per the Netra Tantra, the three eyes of Shiva are His three Shaktis - Iccha Shakti (Power of Will), Jnana Shakti (Power of knowledge) and Kriya Shakti (Power of action). It is through these three Shaktis and their intermingling that everything comes into existence. The very light and substratum of all existence therefore lies in the eyes of Shiva. Figuratively it could then be said that when Shiva opens His eyes there is outflow or creation, and when he closes them there is inflow or dissolution.

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is generally recommended to be chanted for physical and mental healing, but truly this maha mantra is also very beneficial for spiritual progress. For every time we chant the Mrityunjaya Mantra, we invoke that Trayambaka from whom things originate, and into whom all things return.

It is verily the divine Light of Lord Trayambaka-Shiva that is the light in your eyes and mine!

Aum Trayambakaya Namah.

© Agnideva, 2007. All rights reserved.


Narendra said...

Watch this Video on Youtube. Kundalini Shakti Shiva Netra.

Watch the Divine Light in the eyes, the flare and sparks.

Narendra said...

pritesh said...

Hi.. Even i am practising light body activation through eyes. Can you please send me details on how you acheived light in your eyes. I know it is by yoga or pranayama. My mail address is

Anonymous said...

Please can you let me know where to acquire the "Netra Tantra, translated by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait" from?

Agnideva said...

Netra Tantra has not been translated in its entirety. T

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