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Every so often, even down to present times, one comes across sectarian statements by Vaishnava Hindus and Shaiva Hindus quoting various texts in an attempt to prove that the Divine, as defined by their own religion, is the Supreme Lord (and by default the God of the rival religion is the Supreme Lord's servant). As this blogger was one day pondering upon this issue, his glance suddenly fell on a certain set of verses from the Parameshvara Agama. Today's blog entry will therefore be a quote from that text. It may be deduced from the below verses that even during the time of the composition of the aforementioned Agama (5th century CE?), statements of superiority and sectarianism must have been commonplace.

Ishvara said:
O Shailaja (Daughter of the Mountain), sometimes it so happens (in marriage) that the woman is the wearer of the Linga*, whereas the man is a devotee of Vishnu. On the contrary, sometimes it is the man who wears the Linga*, and the woman follows the order of the Vaishnavas. I ensure redemption to devotees of Vishnu and Shiva, as I have equal affection for both.

~Parameshvara Agama
Chapter 17, Verses 20-21.

* Wearer of the Linga here indicates a Virashaiva, who wears a small Linga icon on a necklace upon initiation.

|| नमः शिवाय ||

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Vijay said...

Thanks. Nice to see this excerpt.

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