Friday, August 22, 2008

In Six Faces, O Muruga

In six faces, O Muruga, they have realized You.
But, how many faces have You in reality, O Lord?
More prevalent Your forms than grains of sand,
Never ending are Your names, O Kartikeya!
Ceaseless are Your praises and paeons on blessed tongues.
O Lord, hordes of Devas do You command,
Gracing us from the chakra of the jeweled city.
You are that spiritual fire that burns within,
Ever toward higher pursuits, toward goodness.
In the sixth hidden face of the five-faced One,
Have the sages realized You, O Agni-Kumara!
O Commencer of the holy Veda, O Knower of all births,
In You we take refuge, in You we find solace,
In You we walk the path of Arul, of divine Grace.

Aum Sharavana Bhava.

Agnideva © 2008. All rights reserved.

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