Saturday, May 5, 2007

Prayer for Forgiveness

क्षमा प्रार्थना

करचरणकृतं वाक्कायाजं कर्माजं वा
श्रवणनयनजं वा मानसं वापराधम् ।
विहितमविहितं वा सर्वमेतत्क्ष्मस्व
जय जय करुणाब्दे श्री महादेव शम्भो ॥

kara charaNa kritaM vAkkAyajaM karmajaM vA
SravaNa nayanajaM vA mAnasaM vAparAdham |
vihitama vihitaM vA sarvametatkSamasva
jaya jaya karuNAbde SrI mahAdeva Sambho ||

Whatever faults I may have committed by hand or foot,
In word or deed, with my ears or eyes, mind or body,
Knowingly or unknowingly - forgive me for them all,
Victory unto Thee, O Great Lord Shambhu, the Ocean of Compassion.

~Verse 16, Shiva Aparadha Kshama Stotra
by Adi Shankara Bhagavatpadacharya

|| ॐ नमः शिवाय ||


arivoli said...

i have commited many sins and many mistakes all over my life.i cheated you in this holiday forgoting the promise made by me,please foregive my mistakes and help me to pass all the subjects in my tenth examination and to score a nice marks and succed in the future..........................................................................................................................yellam puzhalum iraivan oruvanukea

Nadine said...

I am a person that have indian spirit and they sit in the temple, Last Saturday i went in the temple i have encounter the biggest mistake ever made, firsly my flower from my offering basket fell down, and secondly i took my light blessing with my left hand, and thirdly whilst taking the light blessing infront of Goddess Durga the lamp goes off. I reaaly want to ask for forgiveness, help me please. thank you

Anonymous said...

Please don't think you have committed those mistakes although those were bad omen, God has already forgiven you. Blessed be!

Anonymous said...

o lord, please forgive me for my shortcomings. i am human. as much as i try to change myself i relapse and make the same mistake time and again. i thought i was doing well and getting far, and then i slipped up. please forgive me and purify me so that i will not relapse but keep going strong. let me never forget your love and always keep me close to you. please forgive me. you are my only refuge. shelter me. om namah shivaya.

Nandini Iyer said...

I'm sorry Matarani while I was on navratra fast I committed a huge sin I'm sorry I'll never do that mistake again pls forgive me probably I'm too late to realise this but this is eating me from inside pls O Mother of all, I plead for your mercy I'm sorry

Anonymous said...

O , great and supreme please forgive me for my mistakes upto now i had made ,every time i want to change but i cant change ,please show ur mercy for me,plzzzzz give me knownledge o lord,i am a duller in my class so plzzz make me clear my subjects and show ur grace on me and my family "om namah shivaya" .hara hara mahadev

Anonymous said...

Please forgive me please

Anonymous said...

Lord Shiva I am weak.

I made you a promise; you upheld your end of the bargain in your infinite kindness, but I failed you.

Please don't punish others in my life for my shortcomings. They deserve better than me.

Since your kindness is as limitless as your power, grant me the benefits of both by forgiving me and lifting me up to where I was before, in your favor.

This I humbly beg you,

Your imperfect servant,


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord shiva please forgive me.As i am asking to to do so with a sincere and repenting heart as i am not able to take this pain and fear which is ruling my heart and mind.Please Bhagwaan help me.Please give me strength to get out of the pain which i am enduring.Yes i accept my mistakes and sins which i have committed right in front of you.Shiva we are your children and as your children please forgive my sins and ill thoughts which i have in my heart and mind.Clean my heart and mind with u r flow of true wisdom shiva so that i will not suffer like the way i am suffering right now.Once again i am utmost sincere heart mind and soul,begging you to take me into your arms and get me rid of this pain fear and sorrow.Accept this child of yours with complete heart and forgive me for my sins and make sure that i will not do these mistakes in future lord.Om Namah Shivaaya.

Anonymous said...

Anikku thannath njn oru groupinod paranjuu shamikanam bhagavan

Anonymous said...

Om nama shiva...ethuku muinadi na thapu panirukan athu thapunu therijum enaku athu santhosatha tharumnu soli nariya poi solirukan ...epo oru poi solitan en life a pochu ...en sundar a miss pana virumbula ...avan ena manichi ethukanum ...athuku neenga ena ena manikanum ...theripiyun thapu pana matan ..pana vachidathinga na avanukaga vazhalanum nu asapaduran ..pls ena avan manichi ethukanum

Anonymous said...

Om Namah Shiva

Oh lord Shiva, please forgive me, I made a huge mistake I did not think and rushed to please you but made a mistake in making an offering to you, I am new to Hindu but I know that is no,excuse....please forgive life is pitiful already please don't curse me.please help me so i do not make the same mistakes in the future.

Namah Shiva

Anonymous said...

I have committed many sins and mistakes knowingly. I am really sorry for having done those nefarious acts. I genuinely want to change and be a good person. The greatest lord,shiva, I am begging you to forgive me for all the misdeeds I did. Please grant my wish. OM NAMA SHIVAYA!

Shravya Reddy said...

nice post! Lord shiva is the power of the Universe, He lives in all the living beings, Can you please provide durga mantra in Hindi as am a Hindi reader.

Anonymous said...

Hello..I've done a big mistake by being in an early relationship (when I was 17) with someone who loves me so much..we went on for 5 years but I realized late that I never loved him, I did not tell him because I know it will break his heart..He is a very nice guy..But in the end I had to tell him everything..I think I've spoiled his life..I never wanted to hurt him but i did :'( I need forgiveness from god..what I have done is really bad!

Anonymous said...

I prayed to lord shiva to keep my family safe when they went to amarnath this year and i forget to pray to them when they all return safely and now i want my forgiveness from him.

Anonymous said...

Shiv hi..I have committed huge sin for that please forgive me for my misdeeds. Muje gyath hai ki maine galthi ki hai aur muje pachthawa bhi hai.please help me not to repeat the mistakes.aap bholenath hai muje sadhbudi do aur galti se bhi mujse koi galti na ho. shower me your blessing and grant me my wishes. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA

Anonymous said...

Oh lord shiva! Have mercy lord! Forgive me for my stupidities…i'll never leave your path ever again…please forgive me…show mercy……

Anonymous said...

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