Monday, May 14, 2007

Ode to Bhairava

O Bhairava, O beautiful Lord mine!
So forgiving are You, yet so misunderstood.
The external shell that is Your fearful form,
Melts away when one understands Your inner formlessness.
Remove that fear of mine, Lord,
That everlasting fear of time, of age, of birth and death.
That Bhairava is all there is – He is within and without;
The space within my heart is filled by Him, who is beyond time.
In the melodies of sweet music and gentle flows of life
Is the essence of Lord Bhairava, the Eternal One.
O Lord of Kashi, O Mahakala Bhairava,

O Supreme Guardian of the directions ten,
You are but the directions that You guard.
May this ode be an offering to Him,
Who needs no offering.
May that Bhairava, the very Self of the Self,
That supremely Auspicious One, the highest Light,
Look upon me with a loving glance.
It is to Him that I dedicate, Him I invoke,
To Him I offer a sacrifice of the mind.

Aum Bhairavaya Namah.

© Agnideva, 2007

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