Monday, April 30, 2007

Invocation Prayer

aum gaNanAtva ganapatim havAmahe
kavinkavInAM upamaSravastamam

jyeShtarAjaM brahmaNAm brahmaNaspata

AnaH Sr^NvannUtibhiH sida sadAnam
Holy Rigveda II.23.1

Aum! May we worship Ganapati,
The Protector of the Noble people
The Best of poets, the Most Honorable
The Greatest of Rulers, the Treasure of all knowledge
O Lord, do Thou listen to us, and take Your seat in our hearts.


mother of Zoe said...

I am still an infant just starting on my correct path. I must say I have never before witnessed true beauty until I discovered Shiva. My biggest hope and desire is to not offend with my ignorance. I ask that I may receive some words of encouragement from someone who knows what I don't yet know, and I pray I may help someone else still suffering in darkness by being a servant of the Truth. Thank You. Namaste.

Agnideva said...

MoZ:- Invoke daily Lord Ganesha with one of His mantras (such as the one above). He is the true Guardian and Master of all Dharma. He shall certainly guide you in the right direction. Namaste.

Shashi said...

Agnideva, I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog, wish I had done earlier. I tried several lits to know about Supreme Lord Shiva but I got really confused with several views and opinions from several authors and sources. Hope this blog unfolds and throws more light on Lord Shiva. I'm not sure you would look at this comment(since little old) but if you do, please include the mantras and verses in Devanagari script as well since it's hard to find authentic verses with too much information floating on the internet. Thank you for your effort and wish you all the best

Agnideva said...

Shashi, I assure you I look at every single comment posted. Glad to hear you enjoyed the blog. There is no confusion when you reach Shiva. All is Shiva, and Shiva is All! Every form, every shape, every being, every moment -- it is all Shiva!

Which mantras are you looking for in Devanagari? Since not everyone can read Devanagari, I generally don't post in that script.

Shashi said...

Agnideva, I apologize for really late reply. I would really appreciate if you post every mantra or verse from scriptures in English as well as Devanagari script. I'm sure many of us here would like to feel the richness of divine knowledge in Sanskrit.Thanks

Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambo Shankara!

Ever Galax said...

I don't understand, why people tend to complicate their lives, and later tend to solve.. by the end curses their own live which is a precious gift of god

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